SQA PAZ is able to create personal audio zones within the car.

SQA PAZ gives passengers the freedom to experience their own music.

Our time in the car has become a chaotic mix of technology experiences, and until now that has meat a rid filled with “tech audio clutter”: personal tablets playing movies in one seat, Bluetooth phone calls in another, and navigation prompts interrupting our music.

Reasons to Choose SQA PAZ

1No added speakers

PAZ works with the OEM speakers and existing design. We tune the PAZ module based on your car features and you’re ready to go. Additional speakers setups are available.

230dB Difference

On average each of the 4 car seat zones can be manipulated to have a great attenuation level that can reach -35 and even more dB difference.

3Come to the "Dark Side"

Active noise cancellation, audio manipulation and volume difference all contribute to create “bright” and “dark” zones in the car. For the best in car experience.